We are Ching and Jerud, a couple of outdoor enthusiasts who decided it was time to make the nomadic lifestyle happen for ourselves. Our lifestyle and setup on the road is driven by our belief that with our passion for the outdoors comes our responsibility to take care of it. With that in mind, we hit the road with the goal to show that living fossil fuel free in an RV is possible. But seeing that it hasn't really been done before (not that we're aware of), this is kind of an experiment - one that includes a 25 ft. RV that's powered solely by solar panels.

Photo by Leigh of Aluminarium.

Tybee is Ching's first love and our best friend. She's a retired mountain biker turned paddleboarder and loves to just spend time with her people. Tybee will sniff out water and dip her paws in even when there's snow on the ground. She spent the last two years of her life with us on the road.

Tyki is the newest member of the family. He started off as a foster dog from Brother Wolf, but after a month of waking up to those oversized ears we realized that he wasn't going anywhere without us. Tyki is a ball of spunk and love intertwined together.

Long Version

We love to explore, travel and immerse ourselves in the natural world. Our goals in life were never to be rich or have prestigious-sounding jobs. We've always looked forward to the hours we weren't working but out in the woods on our bikes, in our tents, wearing our boots, floating down rivers, and feeling the sun and wind on our faces. While our previous life was comfortable and fun, it wasn't fulfilling. We would enviously read about other people's nomadic lives while we got ready to go to our jobs (Jerud as a mechanical engineer and Ching doing outreach for an outdoor retail store). Then we realized that there was no reason why we couldn't create our lives on the road. We just needed the right setup to match what's important to us.

Our conversation about this change started in 2010 during a road trip back from NY. In 2011 we purchased our RV, knowing then that we weren't ready to leave Asheville, NC yet. We both had only started living there and still had so much we wanted to explore. But the right RV came along and we didn't want to lose it.


It's too easy to put off big adventures that are harder to achieve, to pursue an easier and quicker fix even if it's less fulfilling. The next year and a half was a lot of researching and planning - all the while still enjoying life and traveling during our limited vacation days. But every time we got back from a trip we would say to each other, "This needs to be our life." We kept waiting for everything to line up perfectly before we took the leap. But we realized that meant we could end up waiting forever. Finally we said it's now or never and started the RV rebuild in December 2013. It took us a year to finish the project because we weren't prepared for how much damage the RV had.

On March 21, 2015, we got into our truck an drove away from Asheville. Our life inside the RV was still a mess; we had haphazardly thrown our belongings in. And we still had truck and RV projects to finish. But we were so antsy to leave that we simply had to even if we weren't leaving in style.

Living on the road, specifically in RVs, vans, buses and tiny homes, is now crazy popular. This is our story and our experiences about our love for the outdoors, the realities of our road life, and how living on the road sustainably, even fossil fuel free, in an RV is doable. 

We'd love to hear from you: leave us comments, questions and tips on our blog; email us at LiveSmallRideFree@gmail.com; or fill out our contact form.