Changes To Our Routine - Tyki & More Tear Downs

BIG NEWS! After numerous conversations that all started with, "Should we keep Tyki?" we decided to adopt him! It's exciting...and terrifying. Tybee has been a single dog her whole 11 years and I worry how she will feel with a permanent addition to her life. But so far she seems to like him alright. And they are super cute together.

Other changes - since we started on the RV tear-down it's been just me and Jerud working on it. But we got some help. Our good friend Andrew came up for the holiday and we put him to work. He's awesome - spending his days off helping us tear apart the trailer. It made a big difference having him around and we got a lot done.

In the previous post I mentioned that we thought we could just push the slide into the RV enough to get the last piece of siding off the RV. Turns out it's not so simple and the entire slide had to come off. Because of the weight of the slide Jerud had to build temporary legs to brace the slide up while it was being pull out from the RV. Our neighbor at the storage unit came and helped out. After the slide was all unscrewed and disconnected from the main body the guys pulled the slide out and quickly set it on saw horses. With that done the last piece of siding finally came off!

After the slide was off Andrew and I worked on taking the roof apart.


While Andrew and I were on the roof, Jerud worked on removing the stove, dinette, carpet and linoleum flooring.


Don't let that face fool you, he didn't help!


Then we split up again - Andrew attacked the bedroom and bathroom while Jerud and I removed the kitchen cabinets.


Jerud was brave enough to teach me how to use a power tool other than the drill. The Sawzall. I found it to be super fun but scary - kept picturing the tool flying out of my hand and cutting off my fingers! Tybee also hates the sound the Sawzall makes. She would lay on the couch and shake non-stop. At one point I put her in the car because she was so miserable.

Removing the rotten walls in the kitchen.

Andrew kept busy in the front of the RV removing the toilet, shower, the bed and walls.


Since we won't have a flushable toilet there's no need for the black water tank. This will give us more usable space under the RV (we may be adding an additional fresh water tank since we plan to boondock majority of the time).


Jerud and Andrew removing the black water tank.


With the kitchen cabinets out of the way we were able to cut out parts of subfloor that are rotten.


After parts of the subfloor was gone we realized that the insulation and belly wrap underneath were wet. We tossed all the wet insulation and threw a construction light underneath the RV while we were at the storage unit to help dry it all out. The floor joists weren't damaged so we don't have to replace those, although we may have to add support to sections of it. For now we're just going to leave the floor to dry.