Bye Bye Weight

You've already heard us mention our weight regarding the RV and you'll hear it again now and in the future. 

We decided to keep track of the amount of weight that we get rid of so we know how much additional weight we can put back onto the RV in new building materials, features or our own personal gear that we bring on.

So we took photos and weighed of everything we are discarding.

Furnace: 28lbs 

A/C Unit: 95 lbs

Toilet: 10 lbs (replacing with composting toilet)

Propane tanks, brackets and regulator: 123.5 lbs (tanks alone are 93.5 lbs, tanks are about half full)

Water heater: 28.5 lbs (replacing with two point of use heaters)

Awning with brackets: 60 lbs

Shower pan: 9.5 lbs (will replace with a new corner shower pan)

Black tank: 33.5 lbs