More Chassis...And Maybe A Sub-Floor

Have we mentioned that Tybee is a hoot? Really dogs in general are just great to have in your life because they are uninhibited, honest, and kind-hearted. While Tybee and Tyki haven't bonded in the sense that they lay around the house having to touch one another or share sticks to chew on or anything of that sort. But they have bonded in their own unique way - at least I choose to think so.

Tybee loves to stand in-between the front seats and look out the car window. What she loves even more is to lay her head on your shoulder while you're driving or if you get really lucky she will lay her head on your arm when you have it on the wheel. And if Tyki's in the way. Well, he will be utilized.

And Tyki? Clearly he just takes it.

Ok, back to RV work and more chassis talk. The chassis in the front of the RV need to have wood boards screwed into it so that the bedroom wall beams will have something to screw into once its built. 


We move onto working on the kitchen floor. Jerud and Andrew had cut out the floor weeks ago due to water damage from the water heater. We realized that we need a floor in place before we can rebuild the back of the RV. But then we realized that the floor can't be installed until the RV wiring that is located under the sub-floor is identified and Jerud figures out where the new wiring has to go. But in the meantime, he was going to cut new pieces of the floor so that it would be ready to be installed when the time came.


I've learned that working on a project like this I will have to find bitch work to do at times. It's not because I like bitch work or Jerud hates me. Because I'm not as handy with tools as Jerud or able to tackle on more complicated work on my own, there are times when he's working on something and I'm project-less. But there are so many small pain in the ass things that need to be done sooner or later. So I've learned find something to work on when I can't help out with a bigger project, which is find with me because I hate not doing anything.


The weather is still cold. Cold enough that there's ice on things that normally don't have ice. But it's super pretty.


Richmond Hill, a park close to the house were we like to go hike with the dogs. It's been cold enough that there's a layer of ice on the water.

More ice on rocks with bits of ice fingers starting to form.