The forecast was calling for a significant winter storm and anywhere from 4 inches to 10 inches (that is significant for us in the southeast) of snow depending on the elevation. When I got out of work early on Tuesday it was already snowing, a light flurry. We brought the dogs out to Carrier Park to let them play in the snow. There wasn't much accumulated on the ground yet but the dogs still managed to enjoy themselves.

Tybee may be a up there in age, but she doesn't let that stop her from going after snowballs.

By the time we left Carrier Park we were worried that our plans to go snowboarding the next day weren't going to happen because the snowflakes turned into light raindrops. We rarely go snowboarding here because the mountains to board on are tiny, the snow is usually crappy and you spend more time waiting in the lift line than coming down the mountain. I know, we're Scrooges when it comes to snowboarding in WNC. 

A few hours later the snow starting dumping. Dumping. And accumulating fast! Jerud and I decided to walk to Oysterhouse, our neighborhood pub, to grab a beer (I just wanted to walk in snow, the beer was the cherry on top).


Our street quiet, peaceful, carless and full of SNOW!


We got to Oysterhouse and it was packed! Sweet! Sleds were parked outside and inside the pub. People where in their snow pants and boots. It felt like a real winter evening. We watched people build snowmen outside, walk down the middle of the road carrying their 6-packs of beer, and someone sledding down the streets.

The dogs waited at home. Wanting to play in real snow this time.


They played and played and played. Tybee and Tyki burrowed their faces deep into snow pockets. Ate endless amounts of snow. And got covered in this magical thing we rarely see this much of.

I texted Jay, worried that we wouldn't be able to go snowboarding tomorrow because there so much snow on the roads. Would the roads our houses are on be time?


That's the ski lodge in the background. No hotels, no condos, nothing but that and some lifts. Simple.


6:30 AM the next morning I get a text from Jay, he made it out his driveway and up his street. We're good to go! Him and Ashley show up about 30 minutes later and we load up the car and head to Cataloochee Ski Resort.

We get to Cat just as the lifts open. We head straight to the Meadows - it's this mythical place that exists only when we get an incredible about of snow. Which means the last time it was opened was probably back in 2010, our last big snowstorm. While the rest of Cataloochee gets man-made snow, the Meadows depends solely on real snow.

The Meadows.

The conditions at Cat were pretty amazing. We rode the Meadows a handful of times until it got it got tracked out and then we went looking for trees and other trails. One thing we had to keep in mind was that the mountain didn't have much of a base. One of the trails we went on that seemed pretty solid was actually just tree roots and rocks underneath the recent snowfall.


Jerud and Jay enjoying a fine refreshment.


Around early afternoon when the rest of WNC showed up we headed out. We got the best of the powder and left happy.

We had our fun in the snow and now it was the dogs' turn. Our plan was to head up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and maybe do some snowshoeing with the dogs. Tybee still wasn't doing better when we got home. She had too much fun in the snow the night before and it was just too much for her arthritisis-ridden back hips and legs. Tybee could barely walk. Jerud and I talked about how we could still her up on the parkway with us. The deep snow was going to be too much for her to walk in. If only we had skis, then we could strap the dog trailer on top of that and have a doggy sled. At the end we decided that Tybee would have to stay at home for this one.


Once we got up to the parkway we left the snowshoes in the car. There wasn't quite enough snow for them, as much as I wanted to put my new snowshoes to use.

We got on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail...


Oh Tyki.

I wish winter was always like this.