Yes, we're another couple with their dogs living full-time in an RV. This website documents our journey to live sustainably in a 100% solar powered RV while adventuring in the outdoors with our two dogs.

We spent a year rebuilding our fifth-wheel, affectionately named the Toaster, with the goal to minimize our dependency on fossil fuels while staying away from RV parks and campgrounds as much as possible. 

The Four Of Us

 Ching, Jerud, Tybee & Tyki

Jerud: Fixer of all things, engineer, inveterate tinkerer, dark chocolate lover, and resident Crabby Camper.

Ching: Logistics coordinator, super thrifty, lover of all potato based foods (mostly French fries), and dreamer of big dreams (aka Jerud’s worst nightmare), and jewelry-maker.

Tybee: Water dog, queen of our world, strongly opinionated in her old age, and loves everybody. (Tybee passed away April 2017.)

Tyki: Snugglebug, mountain biker, noisemaker, and mama’s boy.

The Toaster

 The Toaster

Originally a 2001 Fleetwood Prowler, the Toaster was rebuilt in 2014 after a year of work. Our rig is 100% powered on solar panels. This means we don't use any propane and we don't have a generator.

The Truck

 Our truck.

Our truck is a 2001 Ford F250 7.3 Powerstroke 4WD supercab.

Life On THe Road

If this is the first time visiting our website, these blog posts are a good place to start.