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Mountain Xpress - June 15, 2017: Ching's article, "Live small, ride free: adventures in sustainability", was in print and online.


Biltmore Beacon - June 8, 2017: "Update On a Journey Off the Grid"


Melissa Dafnis - April 2017: Melissa, a fellow full-time RVer, invited us to be part of her "Your RV Dream" podcast series that interviewed 19 other RVers about a variety of RV-related topics. 


Rova - February, 2017: Ching's article "Change, Naturally" is in the spring print issue of Rova.


RV Life - February 7, 2017: "Winter RVing Can Be Fun (If You Do It Right)" is a Q&A about us living in the Toaster in Washington for the winter season.


Rova - November 9, 2016: We did a Q&A with Rova, a magazine for "epic road trips".


Viral Nova - November 3, 2016: Viral Nova shared our story with their readers.


RVs ARE UBIQUITOUS - Summer 2016: This book is written by Rachele Krivichi who was initially drawn to RVs because of her extreme dislike towards them. But she decided to research more about the RV culture and RVs only to learn that there's more to them than she initially imagined. A chapter in her book includes thoughtful questions she asked us about our eco-RV lifestyle. A very interesting book that I highly recommend reading. Support her first book. Download the ebook or get a physical copy.


SHE EXPLORES - July 28, 2016: She Explores is a beautiful website about "inquisitive women in the outdoors, on the road, and besides". The She Explores podcast episode "Origin Story" talks about how She Explores came about. In this podcast, Ching shares what drew her to contribute to She Explores.


MOBILE HOME PARTS STORE - May 4, 2016: We were one of the full-time RVers who were interviewed for the "19 Expert RVers Weigh In On Fulltime RV Finances" article.


SHE EXPLORES - April 29, 2016: In this collaborative piece, "Concepts Of Home", Madeleine Boga asked 7 women (Ching was one of them) who live on the road what home means to them.


RV LIFE - March 31, 2016: Rene Agredano of Live Work Dream wrote a post about the Toaster and us, "They Built an Eco Friendly Fifth Wheel and Survived". I think the title says it all!


BLUE RIDGE OUTDOORS - March 17, 2016: BRO, our hometown outdoor magazine, did a Q & A with us and we're psyched! 


AUTO BLOG - February 18, 2016: Auto Blog interviewed us about why we've chosen this mobile lifestyle in this short Car Club USA video "Eco-Friendly RVs and Extravagant Mobile Estates". Note: we are not affiliated with Escapees RV Club as it's stated in the video.


CHEAP RV LIVING - January 20, 2016: We were pleasantly surprised to see the Toaster included in Bob's post "Rigs of Moab Part II: Live-Aboard Adventure Vehicles". The Toaster caught Bob's eye while we were in Moab, UT and he took a photo of it without knowing who it belonged to.


LIFE EDITED - January 12, 2016: Ching was a guest writer for LifeEdited and wrote about why we hit the road, the ups and downs that we've experienced and how we've been able to integrate our values of sustainability to our nomadic lifestyle.


DIY RV - December 2015: Rene Agredano, an RV full-timer, wrote a short article about the Toaster and the truck. Check out her and Jim's adventures on the road at Live Work Dream.


PLAID ZEBRA - October 26, 2015: This "unconventional lifestyle magazine" wrote a story about what we're doing. Check it out.


COOLER MAGAZINE - October 19, 2015: A British magazine, Cooler, did a feature about us! 


THE HERALD OF EVERETT, WASHINGTON - September 5, 2015: We were interviewed by Amy Miles of The Herald about our setup and our stolen bike and dog trailer. And a follow-up story about our recovered bike.


MILL CREEK BEACON - September 4, 2015: "After a theft, a couple receives an act of kindness"


SHE-EXPLORES - July 30, 2015: Ching is featured in the She-Explores' "Woman on the Road" series.



MOUNTAIN XPRESS - April 30, 2015: Ching wrote an article, "On the Road in Our House: Living Large with a Small Footprint", for Mountain Xpress.


NATURE'S EDGE - April 26, 2015: We celebrated our one month on the road anniversary by doing a phone-in interview with Dale of Nature's Edge.


KHEN 106.9 FM - April 16, 2015: Dan with Alternative Radio interviewed us about the truck and the rig.


BILTMORE BEACON - March 26, 2015: "Journey Off the Grid"


BETTER KANSAS CITY - March 26, 2015: Thanks for the interview Dave!


SPEAKING OF TRAVEL - March 6, 2015: You can listen to our podcast episode Off the Road RV'ing.