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Living On The Road With Dogs: FAQ

A lot of questions come up when people find out we live on the road in 200 sq. ft. with two dogs. Below are answers to some of those questions.

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The Kindness Of A Postman In Los Alamos

We had it all planned out – 4 weeks in Santa Fe National Forest. A month of mountain biking, climbing, and hiking. Boondocking spots that we could move between when the 14-day limit came up were picked out. We had packages mailed to town and plans for Jerud to fly out of one of the nearby airports.

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Why Our Solar Stats Aren't Perfect

On our Currently page we let you know where we are and we track a variety of statistics such as: days on the road, days of paid camping, days we’ve been plugged in, etc.

If you’ve ever looked at the page, you may wonder, “Ching and Jerud talk a lot about being 100% solar powered, but the number of days they’ve been plugged in is really high!”

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8 Ways To Find Free Boondock Sites

In the last post, I talked about a variety of things related to boondocking: what is boondocking, why we boondock, how RVers boondock, etc. I also briefly talked about how we find boondock sites, but I want to go into more detail in this post.

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How To Live Your RV Dream: Free Podcast Series

Want to live full-time on the road but not sure how to make it happen? Register and join us for this free podcast series, “Your RV Dream: Discover the Lifestyle, Make Money While You Travel, and Live a Life of Freedom and Adventure” starting May 8. This series features interviews with 20 long-time experienced RVers (including us) to share their advice on achieving the RV dream.

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