Roof Insulation

With the roof all cleaned up and the wiring completed, the next step was to insulate it. Jerud and Andrew were kind to me and handled that job because the mineral wool really irritated my skin when I insulated the bedroom walls with Andrew.

A nice looking roof to insulate.

They were a super team together and got the job done within a few hours. Jerud stayed on the roof to measure the roof sections and place them in the correct spots after Andrew cut pieces of mineral wool and handed it up to him. To have the insulation imitate the curvature of the roof, the insulation was tapered out from the middle to the outside in a stair-step fashion. We used the 1.5 inch thick mineral wool on the outer edges and two layers of the 2 inch thick insulation in the middle. 

Andrew cutting the insulation.
Jerud placing the cut insulation in the roof.
Teamwork between Jerud and Andrew.
Mineral wool insulation layered on the roof.

With the insulation completed we were able to return the remaining bags of 2 inch thick mineral wool since we used what was needed for the bedroom walls and the roof. This means money back to us and empty space in the storage unit!

Returning unused mineral wool insulation.