The Long Awaited Start: Renovation

Dreaming is easy. Buying an RV and truck turned out to be the easy part too. Renovating the RV and truck is not easy.

Two and half years after we purchased the RV we are finally onto the next step: RENOVATION. Part of our delay is that we had other dreams to pursue and itches to scratch. We wanted to play more here in Asheville and take advantage of some recreational/travel opportunities that came up. And before we knew it, it was 2013 and we're still in Asheville.

It's now or never.

We had plans to work on converting the truck this summer, but non-stop rain and not having access to a covered garage killed that. Jerud and I decided that winter was going to the best time for us to tackle the RV renovations: 1) He gets a two-week shutdown at work in December which gives him extra time. 2) We won't be mad about not riding as much since the weather will be cold and crummy.

Since we have to replace the RV roof and parts of the bedroom walls due to previous water damage, this meant that we would need a covered space to work in. We're not able to leave the RV in the open storage lot where we've had it stored (our driveway is too steep to drive the RV up to store). Jerud found a covered storage unit and we are currently renting one to work in. Turns out renting a storage unit big enough to fit a RV is expensive! Even though the price is high we are extremely glad that we have this space, it makes the tear down so much easier. This way we can leave everything as-is at the end of each work day instead of having to store away all the tools in a secure area and relocate items we want to keep that we've torn from the RV.

Despite knowing all the hard work that is ahead of us, we are super excited to get started with this project. And we got the best unit in the lot - includes two windows, has a piece of lawn right outside it for the dogs, right by the gate entrance, and pretty close to the bathrooms (sometimes we're easily pleased).