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Why Our Solar Stats Aren't Perfect

On our Currently page we let you know where we are and we track a variety of statistics such as: days on the road, days of paid camping, days we’ve been plugged in, etc.

If you’ve ever looked at the page, you may wonder, “Ching and Jerud talk a lot about being 100% solar powered, but the number of days they’ve been plugged in is really high!”

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Electrical System Design – Part 1: Solar (Updated May 2018)

As a mechanical engineer, most of the Toaster’s systems were straightforward for me to learn about, design, and build.  The structure, interior, and plumbing are similar to residential home construction, and required (mostly) common materials and tools.  But the electrical work was a major challenge.  I know the basics of electricity, but have never really liked working with it – it’s hard for me to trust things I can’t see…

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Coco Pith vs. Peat Moss: Which Is More Sustainable To Use In Composting Toilets?

We figured since coco pith is made from the outer husk of coconuts, something that’s otherwise just thrown away, it was the more sustainable than peat moss. At the same time, we heard whispers about how peatlands were being overly harvested. So out of habit and because we thought we already understood the situation, we kept on buying coco pith. But it turns out we may have been wrong all along.

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Where To Responsibly Empty Your Composting Toilet

Is it time to empty out your composting toilet and you’re not quite sure what to do with the pee and poop in there? You’ve probably heard/read a lot of conflicting information about where you can and can’t empty your toilet. Let's clear things up!

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How Can We Afford Lithium Batteries?

Every time I come across RVers who have switched to lithium batteries, the first question that comes to mind is: how the heck can they afford lithium batteries? It’s no secret that they are expensive! Lithium batteries can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $8,000. So then, how the hell did we afford them?

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Sustainable Toothpastes: Hello Vs. Tom's Of Maine

So what happens when you email a company telling them why you chose not to buy their product? In this particular case, I ended up exchanging emails with the CEO of the company.

Not what I was expecting. But it helped me decide between using Hello or Tom's of Maine products.

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How The Road Changed Us: Becoming Vegetarians

Now more than ever, our environment needs more defenders. We thought that living in an all solar rig and driving on waste vegetable oil was doing our part. But our vegan road friends, Backroad Bennetts, had us watch Cowspiracy. This documentary made us realize what we eat, specifically meat, has a much bigger impact on the environment than any other aspect of our lives.

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6 Things You Can Always Recycle - Even On The Road

We all know that recycling can be really confusing: what can be recycled and how should it be recycled? These common questions cause two unwanted things to happen: people improperly recycle and people stop recycling. Both are equally bad. I've compiled a list to help clarify the correct items to recycle, and right ways to do it.

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The Art Of Solar Parking

Solar panels have to be aimed at the sun to work. I’m serious. They really do. When they are bolted to a vehicle, that doesn’t change...but the location and orientation of the rig certainly does! Combine that with the fact that the sun itself follows a varying path through the sky, depending on time of year and latitude, and you have a lot of variables to consider if your rig relies on solar for power. So where – and how – you park your RV has a big impact on how happy you’ll be with your solar panels’ performance.

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