Bedroom Walls: Rebuilding The Bedroom

With the new front of bedroom studs cut from the other night, we work on getting it ready to be installed and actually screwing it to the RV.


The photos above shows what the new front of the trail looks like. To determine what angle the new studs will sit on the sill plate we installed the base of the bed back into the bedroom and clamped boards of wood to show where 6 extra inches ends at in the bedroom. The reason for the horizontal stud that all the vertical studs are screwed into is so the front bedroom wall has something to on.

With the new studs in the front of the bedroom we move on to re-enforcing the bedroom side  walls that we didn't ripped out but had to cut the bottom sections out due to rot. Windows will eventually sit in those walls and one of the windows will have a window A/C install in it. 


Side bedroom walls cut at the bottom because of rot.

New studs to re-enforce the windows.


After re-enforcing the window walls we go back to finishing the front bedroom wall.


Once the new side wall studs are done in the bedroom we focus on install the roof studs. From where we had cut the roof off we needed to replace three studs on the roof.

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