Chassis And Bedroom

It seems Tybee has decided that if Tyki is going to stick around then she might as well make use of him. He apparently works great as a pillow.


We get another dusting of snow and the dogs love it!


Yes, Tyki has snow eye boogers. He's an eye booger machine!


Jerud and I borrowed an abandoned kid sled from the neighborhood park and took turns sledding down a short hill with the dogs chasing us.


On a day off I head to Scounger's Paradise and pick up luan for the RV. I was surprised by Scounger's Paradise - it was a very interesting place, I had no idea this place existed. The name says it all - you can find all kinds of things here, you just have to look.

It's hard being cooped up inside the storage unit after work when it finally becomes beautiful outside and all we want to do is go ride. One morning before we headed to the storage unit we got out and did a quick out and back on Squirrel Gap Trail. Tyki came along and had a blast. I think we might have even worn him out a tad bit (he started dozing on the car ride home).

We are finally seeing positive changes to the trailer instead of "negative" changes from constantly tearing it apart! We finished the chassis work left over from the other week.

With the sill plates on the chassis we can actually start building the bedroom, something we have been waiting to do for so long!