Our post from  January 26 talked about us working on the kitchen floor beams and sub-floor. Since then we've worked on a variety of things and finally came back to actually finishing the sub-floor. We had left the sub-floors not glued to floor beams because we had to run the electrical wires and water pipes below the sub-floor first.

Jerud had created an electrical layout diagram that we would use.


We started with the wires for the floor heaters. 


Then installed the water pipe from where the fresh water tank will be (under the bedroom in the basement) to the kitchen sink.


Next we pulled the electrical wires for the rest of the RV through to its rightful places.


We used Great Stuff to fill in the A/C and heater vents that we are leaving in place. 


Using the original insulation that we taken out of the RV and boxed up, we put it back into the kitchen floor.


After we put the sub-floor in we finished stapling the underbelly wrap on each side of the kitchen. And then we installed a new beam on each side where the wall beams of the kitchen will sit on top of.

A week later we sealed the sub-floors where we would not be placing wood floors over or may have a high chance being exposed to water, ex: kitchen cabinets, under the dinette, bedroom, sink and under the shower pan.