Miscellaneous Progress

Jerud has been trying to figure out where to put the batteries for awhile. They have to be placed somewhere that's easily accessible so that it can be maintained and have water added to them. But there are so many of them (eight) and he wants to it to take up the least amount of space possible. Ideally he hoped they would fit in two rows of four on top of one another in the space where the propane tanks used to be (see photo below). But unfortunately that space isn't wide enough.


So the batteries will just be placed inside the basement (the space that is underneath the gooseneck, which is also underneath the bedroom), next to the fresh water tank.

He spend a couple of evenings after work tearing apart the basement so he could pull out all the existing electrical wires to figure out what each wire belonged to.

The basement is on the same level as the main room (kitchen and dining room) floor. The other side of the basement (in the top right photo it's the through the opening behind the black pipe) is underneath the step that leads from the main room into the bedroom. In the photo below you can see that we've removed the step and all that's left is a big hole and a board underneath where the step was.


This is the wooden board that is on the other side of the basement.


We removed that wooden board because we have to extend the bedroom floor in order for the floor heating pad to be able to have enough space to lay on the floor leading from the foot of the bed to the doorway leading to the main room.


Same space without the board, you can see directly into the basement. The fresh water tank will live in basement right behind where the board was.


This is where the bedroom floor currently ends.

We are extending it by about 6 inches. New floor piece.

We have to extend the bedroom floor because the floor heating mat is 5 feet long and the current floor is too short for it. The heating mat can't be folded or cut shorter or else it won't work.


As mentioned in a previous post, the bedroom is going to be our "safe place" from the weather. In addition to the extra insulation in the bedroom we are going to install an "insulating door" to keep the warmth/coolness from escaping into the rest of the RV. We decided on purchasing cellular blinds that will take the place of a door. Because of the size of the doorway we had to special order the blinds. When we went by Lowes we saw that they were on sale! So we went ahead and placed the order!