We are Ching and Jerud, a couple of outdoor enthusiasts who decided it was time to make the nomadic lifestyle happen for ourselves. Our lifestyle and setup on the road is driven by our belief that with our passion for the outdoors comes our responsibility to take care of it.

With that in mind, we hit the road to see if living fossil fuel free in an RV is possible. Seeing that it hasn't really been done before (not that we're aware of), this is kind of an experiment - one that includes a 25 ft. RV (named the Toaster) that's powered 100% by solar panels.

Photo by Leigh of Aluminarium.

Tybee is Ching's first love and our best friend. She's a retired mountain biker turned paddleboarder and loves to just spend time with her people. Tybee will sniff out water and dip her paws in even when there's snow on the ground. She spent the last two years of her life with us on the road.

Tyki came into our lives right before we started working on the Toaster. He started off as a foster dog from Brother Wolf, but after a month of waking up to those oversized ears we realized that he wasn't going anywhere without us. Tyki is a ball of spunk and love intertwined together.