We've met a wide variety of people since we hit the road. They're interesting, generous, and fun. It's these fellow travelers that help create a community despite us always being on the move.

Below are fellow nomads we’ve met. We've listed their websites/Instagram/Facebook so that you have the opportunity to read their stories and get to know them, too.



Website | Instagram

Turns out Amanda and Dave also stored their rig and were spending the winter in Victor, Idaho like us! (January 2019)


Shannon Slane


We got an Instagram message from Shannon shortly after arriving in Moab saying she was also in town. Did we want to meet up? Heck yes! Even better, she was interested in mountain biking for the first time. So we let her borrow one of our bikes and brought her out riding! (October 2018)


Professional Wanderers

Website | Instagram

We were boondocked one or two valleys away from Kate and Adam in Sun Valley, Idaho. (October 2018)



Website | Instagram

Abigail was hanging out with Brendan and Sam of Life Among Pines when we showed up, so we got to meet Abigail also! (May 2018)


Life Among Pines

Website | Instagram | Facebook

We got an IG message from Brendan and Sam that we were boondocked right across the way from them while in the area visiting White Sands National Monument. So we got together one evening. (May 2018)



Website | Instagram | Facebook

Thanks to Instagram, we realized that the Airstream parked a short ways away from us outside White Sands National Monument belonged to Courtney and Steve. So we sent them a message and got together for drinks in their rig. (May 2018)



Website | Instagram | Facebook

We got to grab beers with Jeanine, Eric and their two dogs at French Broad Brewery when we were all in Asheville, NC at the same time. (July 2017)

Pedal Adventures

Pedal Adventures

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Jen, Randy, Kalden and Lars are another family that we've been following on social media for awhile. They are really into cycling, so it made sense that we met them in Fruita, CO at the North Fruita Desert trail system. (May 2017)

Becky of Interstellar Orchard

Interstellar Orchard

Website | Instagram | Facebook

We met Becky the same time we met Kelly, and saw Marshall (below) again. She's a solo traveler that's been on the road with her Casita for ~5 years. (May 2017)

Kelly, Trixie and Gizmo

RV Chickadee

Website | Instagram 

After following one another on social media for awhile, we finally got to meet Kelly and her two dogs, Trixie and Gizmo, in person when we boondocked across from them in Moab, UT. (May 2017)

A Van Named Rose

A Van Named Rose


Al and Beth live in their Sprinter van with their sweet older dog name Diesel. We met them at Maple Canyon, UT through mutual road friends and spent time climbing together. (April 2017)


Ian, Megan and Brewer

Memory millionaires

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Megan contacted us for a Live Small | Ride Free sticker. After she received the sticker Megan sent us a really nice hand-written note. It turned out her and her husband, Ian, are in the process of hitting the road with their dog, Brewer, and cat, Monster. While we were in Washington (where they were living) we met up and spent the day hanging out. (October 2016)

The Liske family.

The Liske family

Her Instagram | His Instagram

We met Diedra, Jason and their two sons Charlie and Ben in Yukon, Canada on a mountain bike ride with Road It Up. Their enthusiasm for the outdoors matched ours and we all love riding bikes. (July 2016)


JenEric Ramblings


Website | Facebook

Jerud met Jeanette and Eric when he went to dump and fill up our fresh water tank in La Verkin, UT while Tybee and I were back at camp saving our boondocking spot. Eric recognized the Toaster and realized that we knew some of the same people as he pulled up behind Jerud at the gas station. The meeting was brief, but we hope to see them again sometime down the road. (April 2016)


Road It Up

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Catherine, JF, their three daughters (Aïsha, Mara and Matilde), and dog (Java) live in an awesome red 1970s Wanderlodge towing their Westy. They are avid climbers and mountain bikers. We met them while boondocking in Tucson, AZ in January 2016. 

Jennifer, Karl, and their three kids (Sarah, Ellie & David) is another family we met at the same time. These two families met on the road a year ago and traveled together for over 2 years.

Girouette Mobile

Website | Facebook

We met Isabelle, Martin and their son Alex when we met the crew above while in Tucson, AZ. Isabelle and Martin travel together with Road It Up sometimes. (January 2016)



Places and Platypie

Website | Facebook

We met Bernie and Peggy our first night in Tucson while they were walking their two collies. They are photographers and one day they came over to take some great photos of the Toaster. (January 2016)



Website | Instagram

We met the Wanderly family of 5 at Winterhaven, CA right before they were headed to Mexico for their next adventure. (January 2016)

Live Work Dream


“There’s a lady chasing after you,” said a stranger pulled up next to us in in Slab City, CA. Jim was on his bike and Rene was running behind the Toaster, yelling and trying to get our attention. And that’s how we met in person in January 2016.



Here for the Beer

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Amy and Tim are half-timers who spend 6 months on the road and the other half back home in Vermont running their brewery. We met them at Borrego Springs. (December 2015)





Victor, Kristen, Massimo and Levi are in the process of becoming full-timers! Their second trip with their Airstream was to Borrego Springs. (December 2015)


The Roaming Pints


Yes Maria and Brian like beer. They also really like campfires. We met them at Borrego Springs. (December 2015)


2 Wander Away

Website | Her Instagram | His Instagram | Facebook

We met Shannon and David at Borrego Springs and hung out with them around the bonfire. (December 2015)




David Kingham


We got to know David over a bonfire at Borrego Springs. He’s a professional photographer living full-time on the road. (December 2015)



Nosh Bus


Lauren and Howard arrived Borrego Springs just in time to celebrate New Years. Howard was our DJ at the group bonfires. (December 2015)




Drivin’ & Vibin’


Kyle and Olivia live full-time in their 16 ft. fiberglass RV with their dog River and we met them in Borrego Springs. (December 2015)


Meant for Adventure

Instagram | Facebook

Skyler and Tori renovated the inside of their 1978 Airstream. We got to see their beautiful home we were all at Borrego Springs. (December 2015)




The Wandering Heffalump


Joe and Stacey are a Canadian couple living out of their army green unimog. We initially met them in Borrego Springs, and then hung out together in Yukon and British Columbia. They’re currently traveling through South America. (December 2015)


Bikes and Rivets


Eric, Aaren and their three kids rolled into Borrego Springs with their Airstream and back of the truck full of bikes. (December 2015)



Bohemian Dreamer


Rachel is another solo female traveler that we met at Borrego Springs. (December 2015)




Campy Trails

Website | Instagram 

Todd, Amber, their daughter Aria and two dogs joined the party at Borrego Springs. (December 2015)



Mali Mish

Website | Instagram | Facebook

 Marlene and Dan rolled into Borrego Springs with their 3 kids ready to head to Mexico. (December 2015)


Perky Mog


You can’t miss Brad and Oksana in their orange unimog, we sure didn’t when they first rolled into Borrego Springs. They both lived overseas for a long time and are now traveling the U.S and Mexico. (December 2015)



Living is the Adventure

Instagram | Facebook

Heather, Kurt and their daughter Natalie celebrated New Years with everyone at Borrego Springs. (December 2015)




Subaru Vagabond


Derek lives and travels in his Subaru. He hung out with us at Borrego Springs. (December 2015)





Kuhl Odessey

Website | Instagram

Toni and Kurt were part of the large New Year’s group at Borrego Springs where we met them. (December 2015)


The Scenic Route


We met also met Kate and Iain at Borrego Springs. If you meet them on the road and have the urge to karaoke then you should knock on their door – trust me. (December 2015)



Drive, Dive, Devour


Their name says it all! We got to know Brandon and Kerensa at Borrego Springs. Brandon is originally from our neck of the woods! (December 2015)



Jessie Monster


We met Jessie at the bonfire at Borrego Springs. She’s a solo traveler and on the tail end of her journey as a full-timer. (December 2015)



Watsons Wander

WebsiteHer InstagramHis Instagram | Facebook

You can easily pick out Amanda and Tim’s rig because they fly their large blue “W” flag high from their Airstream. We met them at Borrego Springs. (December 2015)



Finding Marshall


Marshall was another person that Ching had followed on Instagram for awhile before actually meeting in person. He was part of the Borrego Springs group. (December 2015)



Wandering Wasi

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Jase and Lauri were part of the New Year’s group at Borrego Springs. Like didgeridoos? Jase makes them! (December 2015)


Remember to Explore


Julia and Marcel are young and adventurous German parents with two kids – Emmi and Samson. Their story is great! We got to know them at Borrego Springs. (December 2015)


RV Legend

Instagram | Her InstagramHis Instagram

We met Seth and Drea at Borrego Springs and their sweet boxer, Emma. Seth is a professional photographer and makes great quality YouTube videos (December 2015)







Chris travels in his Airstream on weekends and during his vacations. He and his two dogs were one of our neighbors at Borrego Springs. (December 2015)




Vince G.


We met Vince at dinner on Christmas in Borrego Springs. He travels with his sweet 13 year old Cassie – but watch out, she will steal food off your plate. (December 2015)



A Guy, A Dog, A Rig


Brian showed up to happy hour with a growler of beer to share with everyone at Borrego Springs. So of course we liked him right off the bat. Stella, his super sweet dog helped. (December 2015)




Her InstagramHis Instagram

They were our next door neighbors during our two-week stay at Borrego Springs with their adorable teacup dog Gracie. Gus and Stephanie aren’t full-timers on the road, but they travel so frequently that they seem like it. (December 2015)


Vince W.


We met Vince during happy hour our first night at Borrego Springs for the New Year’s get-together. He was our tour guide when we rode into town together on bikes – him on his trike. (December 2015)

Wandering with Purpose


Dave and Kelly were part of the New Year’s group we spent Christmas with at Borrego Spring . (December 2015)




Ching had been following Kerri on Instagram for a long time before we finally met her and Bryon (her dog) at Borrego Springs for the New Year’s get-together. (December 2015)


Van Tramp


We met Tim and Moose at the same time that we met Asolojourner (above),  the first day we arrived at Borrego Springs, CA for the New Year’s get-together. Tim and Kerri travel together in her Airstream. (December 2015)




We met Leigh and Brian at Lake Mead National Recreation Area, NV. They run Campendium, a website to find RV parks, campground and boondocking sites. (November 2015)


Backroad Bennetts


Sarah, Ty, Luna and Aki were at Lake Mead National Recreation Area, NV the same time we (and Aluminarium) were. Luna puts together some of the best outfits that I’ve seen on a kid! (November 2015)


Bold & Adventurous

WebsiteHer InstagramHis Instagram

We found out Mike, JorDanée, Alex and Cassie where also at Mojave National Preserve, CA when we were there, so we dropped by where they were staying to say hi. (November 2015)

The McCarties

Website | Instagram | Facebook

We first met the McCartie family when we dropped by the Hole-in-the-Wall campground at Mojave National Preserve, CA to see Bold & Adventurous. (November 2015)

Small House Big World


Kelly and Anna initiated the Seattle, WA meet up with Ardent Camper and Snowmads (below) through an RV Facebook group. We all hung out in Seattle, WA. (August 2015)


Ardent Camper


Marie and Josh realized that we were in Seattle at the same time and invited us to join them, Small House Big World and Snowmads for beers. (August 2015)


Website | Instagram | Facebook 

Kristen and Jason were part of the group with Ardent Camper and Small House Big World that met up in Seattle, WA. (August 2015)

Wherever Bound


We first connected with Brittany and Nick over Instagram when we were both in different parts of Montana and then finally got together when we were in Seattle, WA at the same time. (July 2015)


Mary and Barbara


We’ve known Mary and Barbara for years! Mary and Ching used to work together and go mountain biking together before she and Barbara left Asheville to become full-timers. Barbara also helped us shop for our RV. Simply put – we love them!


Website | Her Instagram | His Instagram

Nina and Paul an the exception to this list. We haven’t had the chance to meet them but we read their website often because Nina does such an incredible job providing really useful information to the RV community.



Website | Her Instagram | His Instagram | Facebook

Cherie and Chris are another exception to this list. Our paths haven’t crossed yet, but we have used their website as a resource for a long time now.