We took a few extra days off from working on the RV than we wanted because the weather got insanely cold (especially for western North Carolina). The polar vortex came through Asheville and the temperatures dropped to a record low of -1 *, more like -teens* with the wind chill. Everyone in town found all the warm clothes they owned and wore it. I finally put a use to my burly Sorel winter/snow boots! And the inside of our front door at home froze!


Once the temperatures were more reasonable we went back to the storage unit. Since we've already done majority of the tear down, we now had to think about what needs to be done to start rebuilding. The chassis is the first thing we need to work on since it's the foundation of the RV. We need to make sure the chassis is in good condition before we start laying new structure on top of it. Jerud and I mainly focused on the chassis at the front of the RV: 1) It's the most exposed from us tearing the trailer apart and 2) It has the most damage/rust. So we spend a day or two after work and part of the weekend to work on the chassis.


Since there's two of us and cleaning up the chassis is mainly a one-person job due to number of tools, we multi-tasked while working on it.


One weekend morning we hit the Blue Ridge Parkway before heading to the storage unit. Not only did the dogs need some outside time but we were craving it too. The parkway was still closed because of the cold weather (ice) so we did a mix hike of on trail and on the road.