Getting Ready To Paint

Some time you have to do a lot of little things to be able to get to the bigger part of the projects. This was one of those weeks.

We tidied up the wires on the roof by taping the pairs of wires together and securing them in place with zip ties and screws. 

Jerud had this great idea that instead of taking up counter space to dry dishes on towels (like we currently do at home) or put a drying rack in one of the sink basins, we could cut a hole in the bottom of the cabinet above the sink and set a drying rack there. The wet dishes would go in the drying rack and drip straight into the sink! Brilliant! So we cut out the bottom of the cabinet.


In preparation for the first layer of paint (yay!) we had to fix the bedroom window. The glue we used around the windows had squirted out and it had to be smoothed before we could paint. I tried using a utility knife at first, which worked ok until it started to cut the wood. The orbital sander didn't work, it just moved the dried glue around the wood. The sanding block worked ok but not great. Turned out the sheet sander was the best.

And now that's done.


Next to the doorway leading into the bathroom is where the old thermostat was located. We removed it since we don't have A/C or heat, but it left behind a hole. We needed an easy fix. Solution? Glue a piece of luan behind the hole. Use a hook and string to tied it to something across the room to keep tension on the newly glue luan. Then cover it with joint compound!

The last thing we did was cut out a hole for the bedroom floor heater thermostat. The thermostat is on the closet wall across from the bathroom in the bedroom area.


And finally paint!!!


Meanwhile I started priming cabinet doors and whatever else I could get my hands on!



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