How To Live Your RV Dream: Free Podcast Series

Two years ago, Jerud and I packed up our house and moved into the Toaster to live full-time. There hasn’t been a single day that we regret this decision. We frequently meet people who are envious of our lifestyle and curious how they can make it happen for themselves.

Jerud, Ching, Tybee and Tyki

Your RV Dream Free Podcast Series

When Melissa Dafnis, fellow full-time RVer, invited us to be part of her Your RV Dream podcast series, we were thrilled. Melissa has put together a free podcast series called “Your RV Dream: Discover the Lifestyle, Make Money While You Travel, and Live a Life of Freedom and Adventure”. This series features interviews with 20 long-time experienced RVers (including us) to share their advice on achieving the RV dream.

Your RV Dream Summit podcast series.

The free podcast series starts on Monday, May 8, and you can access it by signing up at Your RV Dream.

When you sign up at the link above, you’ll receive actionable advice you can use right away to begin to use to achieve the life of your dreams in an RV.

In our 30-minute interview, Jerud and I talk about how to live sustainably in an RV, how affordable it is to live eco-friendly on the road, the pros and cons of our lifestyle, and advice to those who want to do what we’re doing.

The Toaster in its element.

Your RV Dream Podcast Topics

Melissa has gathered 20 RVers to discuss a variety of topics in this podcast series that you will find interesting:

  • What the RV Lifestyle is Really Like
  • Why This Is A Great Lifestyle, whether you do it full-time or part-time
  • How Easy and Affordable It Can Be
  • How To Choose the Right RV for You
  • The Many Ways There Are to Make Money While You Travel
  • How To Include Children and Pets
  • Live a Life of Freedom, Travel, Exploration, and Adventure
  • And more!
Your RV Dream summit podcast series.

These are short, information-packed interviews, because we know you’re busy. Each interview is no longer than 30 minutes. You’ll receive advice from proven experts who have been there and done that. They’re sharing real-life experiences and know-how so you can take action right after you hear the interviews.

Each expert, including us, has a link to their website or a free gift right below their interview. You’ll be able to connect with us right away to help you move forward and live your life of freedom and adventure. 

Register for Your RV Dream Summit

The podcasts series starts May 8 through May 19 with two podcasts available per day. In addition to the your registration to the Your RV Dream Summit, Melissa is offering a free gift that is has valuable information: a PDF report called: “Wanna Live Your RV Dream? Avoid These 5 Mistakes! The Keys to Saving Money, Time, and Effort”.

Register here for the free summit and the free report. Please note that the podcast is free if you register and listen to the podcasts within the 48 hours it becomes available. There is only a cost if you want to download all the podcasts for lifetime access.


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