Infographic: 2016 In Numbers

Some of our main goals for 2016 were:

  • Spend less nights in parking lots than we did in 2015
    • This was achieved: 61 nights vs. 120 nights. We spent a lot fewer nights living in parking lots thanks to less truck and RV issues.
  • Spend less money on RV campgrounds/parks
    • We spent $267.39 less in 2016 than we did in 2015. If we include the money we spent storing the RV in 2016, we still spent $130.39 less.
  • Our biggest goal was to go an entire year without plugging in. We are pretty sure we would've been able to achieve that except we decided to spend fall and winter in WA where it was gray and rainy for too long periods of time for our solar panels.
    • We were able to go from November 16, 2015 and until September 20, 2016 (309 days) without plugging in! This meant we beat our previous continuous days not plugged in (158 days) by a long shot. 
  • Traveling less is still a work in progress. Although we traveled to the same number of states in 2016, we did also go to Canada - Yukon nonetheless. 

Excited to see what we'll make of 2017!

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