Infographic: Our One Year Anniversary

We survived our first year on the road! And we didn’t kill each other or the dogs. I call that success! Check out our infographic below.

It’s been a full year. We’ve lived in 11 different states, called 68 different places home, and spent a lot of time in the outdoors. At times we’ve traveled through states and towns faster than we would have liked, but weather was usually the reason we moved on. Aside from heading west once we left Asheville, we didn’t have much of an idea what our route would look like. Where we’ve traveled to have been based on interesting places around us, weather, suggestions from friends, friends and family locations, events we wanted to participate in, and the best outdoor activities for the time of year. Overall our travel plans have been flexible, and it’s been great. We love not having a set plan and not feeling like we’re in a rush.

Simply put, we love living on the road! The transition from our 1,200 sq. ft. house to our 200 sq. ft. Toaster was surprisingly seamless. There were definitely a handful of things we had to get used to (ex: using our Air Head composting toilet, having a limited number of appliances on due to the inverter). But the smaller space felt natural. We love the freedom and change that living on the road brings. It’s because we’re living on the road that we were able to see 26 friends and family members this past year! Sure life on the road can be lonely, but not that lonely.

We’ve tried our best to document our journey on the website, although we’ve definitely missed a handful of places. In addition to documenting our travels, we share what we’ve learned about living full-time on the road and specifically in our fully electric RV. Our goal is to show that living sustainably on the road is doable and to encourage other travelers to become more eco-friendly.

Updated note 3.23.16: The amount of water we've used calculates the water we've poured into our fresh tank. We do drink the water out of our fresh tank, but will sometimes fill water directly into our Nalgene which isn't included in the 893 gallons. During this first year on the road, we stayed with friends for about 4 months (on their property or very nearby) so if we included the water we would have used in the Toaster during that timeframe it would be about around 1,400 gallons total (assuming we continued our 40 gallons of water every 10 days).

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