Serendipity In Seattle

My touring bike and Tybee’s trailer was stolen from outside our RV last week. I was and am still devastated by the theft. It’s been a little over a week since the incident and I still haven’t found either of two. But I want to share this story because this incident, coincidence, and act of kindness means so much to me.

Since the bike and trailer were stolen, Jerud and I have been visiting Craigslist, eBay, and OfferUp daily in case either of the two are posted for sale. Late last week I came across a Croozer trailer that was the same exact model as Tybee’s. This was a big deal because this is a several year old trailer and it isn’t a common one. I’ve actually never seen one aside from mine anywhere I’ve traveled. In addition, Croozer no longer makes this model and we aren’t happy with the features and designs of new dog trailers. This trailer is essentially irreplaceable. The only reasons I knew that it wasn’t Tybee’s trailer was because the front wheel of the trailer was attached (we broke ours years ago) and the handle was on the trailer (ours was in the RV when the trailer was stolen). The front wheel and the handle allow the trailer to be converted from being pulled by a bike to being pushed like a baby stroller. Anyhow, so I knew this wasn’t my dog trailer. The price posted for the trailer was insanely low and too good of a deal to pass up. We figured that if I bought this trailer and found Tybee’s original trailer (fingers still crossed), we would be able to also have a trailer for Tyki, which is something we’ve been wanting for awhile.

After seeing the post, I contacted the Craigslist seller asking if it’s still available. In minutes I got a response back saying that the trailer is available and then the person wrote, “Also, this is a long shot, but did you ever live in Asheville?” Signed “Andy”. My mind started reeling.

What kind of a random question is that?

How does he know?

Who is this?

I looked at the name of the seller and whispered, “Really? No way!!”

I emailed him back, "Yes, I did live in Asheville. this the Andy that used to live in Greenville, SC?"

It was!

Greenville, SC is about 60 miles from Asheville, NC. The only Andy I know works for the same company that I used to but in Greenville. We knew each other through work. He had moved out to the Seattle area a while ago for his job. After not being in touch for a couple of years, we accidentally reconnected through Craigslist! Seriously – this is exactly like finding a needle in a haystack.

Andy responded back saying that he was just looking through my Facebook page and saw that my dog trailer was recently stolen. He said,  “It’s yours.” Just like that Tybee and I got a dog trailer. The same model and everything. Generously given to us by a friend.

This simple act of kindness means so much to me. I was and still am slowly walking out of the gray place I’ve been stuck in the past week or so. The way things unraveled, the randomness of the whole situation just boggles my mind. But it makes me so happy and appreciative of the people that I do know in my life – whether or not we talk everyday or are close to one another. I’m just glad to be reminded that there are still a lot more kind-hearted people in the world than there are thieves.

Let’s keep it that way.

But please still help me keep an eye out for the bike and trailer. Even though I have the trailer replaced, any information or sightings of the trailer may lead to my bike being found!


Tybee in her new Croozer dog trailer.



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