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When Was The Last Time You Showered?

Back home I showered daily. Ok, sometimes I'd skip a day if I was lazy or just hadn't sweated enough. But there wasn't ever a need to keep track because I showered whenever I wanted to. I didn't have to think about whether there was enough water or enough electricity to shower. Since in living the Toaster, I don't always get to shower when I want to.

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Our RV's Limiting Factors: Water

Our Toaster, with its ability to be off-grid and use minimal fossil fuel, may sound like a perfect rig to some...and a nightmare to others. For us it's literally a dream come true. But as with all dreams that become a reality, it's not perfect. (We still adore you, Toaster!) In a four part series, I'm going to go over the downsides to our RV that prevent it from being perfect, along with potential solutions. This post will talk about water, with the batteries, size and heating posts to follow.

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