The Random Decision Of Big Water, UT

Sometimes you randomly choose a place to go and it ends up being the perfect decision. Heading to Big Water, UT was ours.

Thanks to Marianne Edwards', of Frugal RV TravelThe Frugal Shunpiker's Guide: RV Boondocking in Southern Utah book, we found a wonderful place to stay while we were in Big Water. You can see the Toaster parked in the background of the photo below. The best thing about this site were the mountains behind us that we could hike up from our front door.


The clouds here always had an unexpected pink tint to them. We couldn't figure out why. Were the rocks reflecting their hue back up into the sky?

Aside from all the colors and textures, there was also a garden of hoodoos. 


At the top of the plateau, we were greeted with unexpected rain that turned into a hail storm.

Here we came across Amangiri, an exclusive resort that costs over $1,000 a night. Jerud and I stood at the edge, staring at the square buildings trying to figure out why someone would pay that much. We were staying on the other side of this ridge, as private as they were, with equally if not more beautiful views. And ours was free.


From a local we found out about this arch. I love how the angle and distance changes the perspective of it. From here it just looks like a hole in the ground.

Change where you stand it and the hole becomes an arch.

Whenever we go on these hikes we both wish we knew more about geology. How the heck did these two dramatically different types of rocks end up nesting together?

Turns out our random decision to visit Big Water also led us to explore Paria, where southern Utah continued to impress us. More on that here.


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