Surprise! (It's Not Good)

I was told that when you undertake a project such as rebuilding an RV there are bound to be lots of surprises - and they are usually the ones you'd rather not have. Except, I was told this after I found out about the surprises.

When Jerud and I started this project I was using the word renovate and not rebuild. Google dictionary: Renovate - restore (something old, especially a building) to a good state of repair. Rebuild - build (something) again after it has been damaged or destroyed.

Turns out our surprise is that we are going to be doing a lot more of rebuilding than renovating...I won't go right into why we are going to do more rebuilding than planned.

The first thing we did was remove the RV fridge. We'll be replacing it with a non-propane fridge. A residential fridge will be a lot more energy efficient and have more space for food.

We finally got electricity at the storage unit the next day and started removing the RV siding. 

After removing the aluminum siding on the front end of the rig, we moved to the back. 

Finding the water damage at the back of the RV was a punch in the stomach. This meant more work, more time in this expensive storage unit, and more money in general. We're both disappointed (me more than Jerud) that we purchased this RV. But it's the first RV we've purchased. We thought we looked into everything we should to make sure it was a decent buy. Luckily we purchased the rig at a pretty decent price. Since we're newbies at this, I guess we have to accept that shit is going to happen.

Items like the entrance door, storage doors, lights and awning all have to come off the trailer before we can remove the rest of the siding. Jerud and I have had many discussions about RV awnings ever since our friends, Mary and Barbara who live in an RV full time, told us stories of their awning being ripped off the rig because of high winds. Apparently, this is kind of a common thing. Jerud and I agree that having an awning would be nice, but we worry something like that might happen to us. Another downside to awnings is they weigh a lot. We're trying to shave weight off where we can to ensure we don't go over the weight limit once the rig is fully loaded.

Turned out the decision was kind of made for us when Jerud realized our awning fabric was dry rotted. There was a quick back and forth between us and then we decided it was time to cut the f**ker off! (Simply cutting the fabric off made removing the heavy awning rollers and arms a lot easier.)


We figured, instead of replacing the awning with a new one, we can just rig up some cool tarp instead.

Below are pictures of what we did next.

Totally off topic, Tyki, the dog we're fostering, has warmed up to us a lot more and come out of his shell. He's turned into this really affectionate and loving pup. Who knew he'd love to cuddle!


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