Stolen Bike & Dog Trailer

Update 9.19.15: My bike was recovered and Tybee's trailer was replaced thanks to a friend!

I need your help: my bike and Tybee’s dog trailer was stolen on August 24, 2015 from outside our RV in Mill Creek, WA. I’m asking you to spread the word about this, keep an eye out if for it if you’re in the area, and help me get it back.

Someone decided to help him/herself to my bike and trailer by cutting the bike cable that was locked to our RV. Jerud’s bike luckily got spared because the U-lock that the bike cable was attached to was locked to his wheel and frame. Because his bike wouldn’t easily roll, it was left behind.

My bike is a 2012 Novara Safari touring bike. Below is a picture of the bike (sans all the touring bags, except the top tube Novara bento box was on the bike when it was stolen). It’s a pretty distinctive bike: it has silver front and rear fenders; a rear silver rack; disc brakes (not in the picture below), 4 silver Novara water bottle cages attached to the frame; colored spokie dokies attached to the spokes of the wheels along with a spoke light on each wheel; a small black bike pump frame holder attached to one of the water bottle cages; and a front wheel black mud flap with a silver tree on the bottom end of the flap (not in the picture below).

This Novara Safari was stolen, but without all the touring bags on it.

Tybee’s dog trailer was attached to my Safari and also stolen. It is an older Croozer model, beige colored dog trailer. One of the top corners of the trailer has been patched up with black gear tape. Below is a picture of her trailer.

This is the Croozer dog trailer that was stolen. The bike I'm riding is Jerud's and wasn't stolen.

The bike and dog trailer is a second mode of transportation for Tybee and me. Tybee’s arthritis has dramatically decreased the distance she can walk and we rely the on the dog trailer to get her around when driving isn’t an option. We also depend on the bike and dog trailer when our truck isn’t working, like it wasn’t the past two weeks and we were exclusively using them to get around.

Please help Tybee and me get our bike and dog trailer back by spreading the word about this to your family, friends and on social media. You can share our Facebook post about this by clicking here.

You can contact me at if you see, hear or know anything about the bike and trailer. Thank you so much for taking a moment to lend a hand.


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