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Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventure Race (PMBAR)

PMBAR (Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventure Race) is this super popular race put on by Pisgah Productions. So popular, it sells out in less than a day (update: it sold out in 16 hours in 2014 and a record of 5 hours in 2015). The race is a checkpoint format with teams of two riders. But the highlight of the race (aside from spending an entire day in Pisgah on a bike) is that you don't know any details of the race until the morning of.

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We took several days off from working on the RV. On the 24th, I suggested we make sugar cookies and I was surprised when Jerud and Andrew actually spent more than 30 minutes on them! I also didn't realize that it was Jerud's first time ever making sugar cookies. We used holiday cookie cutters, but the cookies themselves weren't all holiday themed...

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